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Drum Handling Refurbishment Services

Factory repair of your Liftomatic Drum Handlers

Preventive Maintenance KitsLiftomatic has a state of the art refurbishment and factory re-certification program. Any Liftomatic drum handling device can be returned to us for re-work, service, repair, and factory upgrade. We recognize that 60% of Liftomatic equipment that is 10 years old and older is still in the field working!  We also recognize that our customers want the peace of mind to know that their Liftomatic drum handlers are in the top operating condition and meet all the current safety and inspection criteria. Our service representatives will work with you to arrange convenient service periods with you. Planning a shut-down or re-tooling? That's a perfect time time to send in your Liftomatics for overhaul. Our technicians will provide you with a written estimate, a list of items to be replaced, and a time frame for repairs.  Upon your approval, work will begin and in no time, your Liftomatic drum handler(s) will be returned to you in nearly new condition.  We even grind, reweld, and repaint as necessary. Keep your Liftomatic equipment in perfect operating condition. Utilize our factory-return program and we'll refrurbish your equipment, keep it working for you 24/7, and give you the comfort of knowing that the equipment will be there when you need it.

Liftomatic Preventative Maintenance Kits


Drum Handling Refurbishment  Drum Handling Refurbishment  Drum Handling Refurbishment
Drum Handling Refurbishment  Drum Handling Refurbishment   
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