Our Annual “State of the Industry” Address

Don’t get too riled up there, folks. We’ll save the hours-long “State of the Nation” speeches for the likes of C-SPAN. What we want to report to you is short and sweet: the materials handling industry is back at it and booming again.

Recently, the Material Handling Industry of America issued a report that does us all quite proud. The forecast predicts new shipping orders to grow in the United States by approximately 6% this new business year. To top it all off, another robust year for our industry is likewise predicted for 2014. Ladies and gentlemen, the state of our industry is strong!

There are a lot of sectors of our economy that deserve to be thanked for our own steady recovery from the depths of the “Great Recession.” Herein we name just a couple of the favorable economic factors that account – in part – for our success: first off, there’s the whole American Manufacturing Renaissance that’s taken off. With labor costs rising in China and other parts of the world, American and other multinational companies have seen the wisdom in re-shoring manufacturing jobs to America’s heartland, particularly in the Midwest and Southern United States. After all, if Apple, Inc. can bring back manufacturing jobs to the United States, so can others. Likewise, the rebirth of the American auto industry is contributing to material handling’s steady rise: US auto sales rose by 12% this past year, and a remarkable 21% for the once-beleaguered Chrysler. In addition, a suddenly resilient housing market is helping materials handling companies in a way that hasn’t been seen since 2007.

When goods get going, money starts flowing. It doesn’t take a Nobel Economist or a Congressman to tell you that much. We here at Liftomatic are doing our part in keeping America’s economy strong: it’s all we can do, and we promise to keep on doing. Contact us today to let us know how we can best help rev up your supply chain.