New President and COO

Liftomatic Darren Berg

As a growing material handling company, we’re excited to announce that E. Darren Berg has been appointed as President and Chief Operating Officer. Darren s previously served as the VP of Sales and has played a major role in developing Liftomatic’s sales, marketing, distribution, and overall strategy. For example, in the last few years, Darren has focused on customer support and satisfaction. “Through prudent investment in new technology and skilled staff, we’ve continually improved our customer experience during the past few years.  I believe  that  investment will increasingly pay large dividends to our company in  the next decade as we roll out new product and new technology to a large base of existing customers and to new clients as well” Berg says.

Furthermore, as a well-established drum handling company, the products and services that we offer were developed to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and to effectively lead the industry. At Liftomatic, we understand that our customers are also managing time, budgets, and various challenges. We’re thrilled to be able to work with our wide range of customers in a way that addresses each of their needs. As Darren says, “When someone calls, emails or starts a web-chat with us, their time and experience is paramount to us. They have ‘chosen’ to contact us.   I want every single customer to leave a contact session with us feeling that they are the only customer we have.  If we do that- our business will be rewarded with another 7 decades of success”.

At Liftomatic, we couldn’t be more excited for the New Year and to have Darren serve as our President and COO. Be sure to check back regularly for company and industry updates!