Handling That Fits the Material: Our Ability to Customize

The way we see it, the handling should fit the material like a hand fits the glove. One of the strongest advantages Liftomatic holds over other manufacturers is our ability to endlessly adapt to the material handling needs of any given client, strategizing on their behalf, providing modular solutions, and then adopting new, customized products that meet their functionality and budget. Ever since our first work on behalf of DuPont after World War Two, we’ve staked our profitable good name on making sure clients in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa, have the exact application at their disposal that the job portfolio entails.

Our track record speaks volumes for itself. Whether it’s customized below-hook attachments, forklift attachments, or portable equipment you’re searching for, here’s how it works with us: you can send us your roughest outlines for a drum or barrel handling application, and our engineers will then work tirelessly with you, for as long as it takes, to ensure that our product meets the standards you feel comfortable and confident with. Our breadth of experience in domestic and foreign markets also gives us a familiarity with the way “things are done” in a respective region of the world. We realize that the solutions which might be applicable to, say, Indianapolis- will most likely not work when servicing the materials handling needs of a 21st century nuclear power plant in Indonesia.

Our material handling design expertise is a force to be reckoned with. Having practically invented modern drum handling techniques, it’s better for us simply to show you what we can do, while others can only boast. Contact us today with the specifics of your custom job.

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