Staying Safe with Liftomatic

Our business was built on the idea that there was a better and safer way to transport a drum than using a two-wheel box truck.  The fact that our business is still flourishing is a testament to the fact that we’ve maintained the company founders’ original attitudes of innovation and our commitment to providing ways for safer and more effective materials handling.

June is National Safety Month, and since Liftomatic was born out of a desire for safety, we thought we’d highlight our continued efforts toward its promotion here.  One of our mottos has long been “you can’t afford to drop a drum”.  Now, you might think that this idea refers to the value of the contents in the drum – this is true, but another reason this saying rings true is because of the safety concerns involved.  If an operator gets injured while trying to move a drum (or several), and is ill-equipped, that’s a cost that goes above monetary measure.  Likewise, if a drum contains any kind of hazardous material, the consequences of contamination are dangerous, expensive, and undesirable – but they are avoidable.  Another phrase we like to throw around here is “Safety is no accident” – being prepared to move your materials the right way to avoid the aforementioned problems is a kind of insurance you don’t want to go without.

At Liftomatic, we want to make sure you have a safe June, but also a safe year, and a safe future in the business of materials handling.  We’ll be here making sure you have what you need to move your drums and barrels safely and efficiently – make sure to give us a call, email, tweet, or something else to see which solutions might work best for your business.

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