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The Need for Diversified Product Offerings

At Liftomatic Material Handling, we are primarily known for manufacturing drum handling equipment, but we have other offerings too. We have the ability to design, make, and deliver custom material handling equipment based on customer needs.

Increasing Our Product Range

Recently, a company called us in need of a super sack handling solution. The large nylon bulk bags are used for shipping, handling, and storing dry granular products, such as grains, sands, and beads. The cost-effective sacks, which resemble oversized tote bags, have loops to help lift and move them. The company required a specialized lifting device for this application.

So, our team got to work and custom designed and built a lifting device to fill the specific need. Since the product is custom made, it could meet specific size and weight dimensions to be most effective for this job.

The Importance of Flexibility in Manufacturing

Flexibility is an important trait for modern manufacturers. It enables a manufacturing company to provide something required by a customer using its current building capabilities and multi-skilled team, rather than getting bogged down in the current product line only. A flexible manufacturing operation, such as our own, is responsive, and, thus, reacts to different and unforeseen requests from customers, rather than turning them away.

In the above example regarding super sacks, our Liftomatic team created the modified Below the Hook lifting device to fill the particular customer’s request, even though it was not part of our existing lineup of drum and barrel handling equipment offerings. Providing the custom solution was fulfilling for us as a company because it resulted in a satisfied customer who received products with the exact dimensions requested, thus enabling them to continue to have a productive work environment.

Do you have a unique material handling need? Request information for your next custom order.

Finding the Right Drum Dispensing Options for Your Application

The proper equipment makes drum dispensing and dumping easier and safer. This is true across a wide range of applications, but how do you find the right drum handler and dispenser? Here are some things to know.

Drum Handling Variables

Drum handling equipment includes drum lifters and dispensers. They are beneficial in various industries, with different designs being suitable for different industrial and commercial applications. From food processing to ball bearings, small parts, pharmaceuticals, paint, and coatings, there are many uses.

Given the diversity of work environments, it is important to use the right drum handling equipment for the situation at hand, whether it be dispensing or mixing contents from or in drums. There are many variables for drum dispensing, such as ergonomics, space utilization, and throughput.

Consider the type of material you’ll be working with (liquid or solid?). Also consider any special requirements for the material – is it flammable or explosive? Could it corrode certain types of metal? How much room is there around the warehouse for drum handling equipment? Will people be required to operate the equipment by hand, or do you have an automated process?

This is why we craft custom handling equipment for drums and barrels to meet each of our client’s needs.

Unique Drum Dumping Equipment Applications

Liftomatic Material Handling has product modifications to suit different dumping capabilities. We recognize that no two clients are identical and this is true of drum dumping applications; thus, we customize our handling solutions to each customer.

Drum Dumper

Tip-Mate 800 Drum Dumper

The newest addition to our product line is the Tip-Mate™ 800 drum dumper, which features a push-button activated clamping system to dump 55-gallon drums weighing up to 800 pounds using a forklift truck. Unlike many other dumpers, the Tip-Mate™ 800 does not require foot pumps, hand cranks, or any other manual activity to activate it, other than pressing the button, which makes for an easier process.

Other types of drum dumping equipment we manufacture include Below Hook Drum Dumpers, which are meant for steel, plastic, and fiber drums weighing up to 1,000 pounds each, Forklift Mounted Drum Dumpers, and portable models. Our experts are happy to help you determine which one is best for your organization’s needs.

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