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Expanding Our International Presence Through the Hire of Ray Zhang

Liftomatic has been seeing a lot of growth in our international market in recent years. To meet these rising demands, we are pleased to welcome our new sales associate at Liftomatic’s Wuhan branch in China, Ray Zhang.

Sales Associate

International Sales Associate Ray Zhang

Ray brings a strong technical background, studying engineering, manufacturing,  and mechanics at Hubei University of Automotive Technology. He later shifted his studies toward marketing, studying international trade, commercial practices, and economics.

All of these skills came into play as he worked in the Beijing area for 7 years, focusing his career on exporting, client negotiations, and retention.  While his career was taking off in Beijing, he decided to bring his skills and experience back home to Wuhan.

Settling into his role at Liftomatic, Ray is now tasked with developing our international markets in South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and beyond. He works directly with customers and distribution outlets throughout the region. We look forward to seeing how he will continue to grow our position overseas.

Now that he is back home in Wuhan, Ray enjoys spending time with his family. He is also an active outdoorsman, enjoying running, rock climbing and swimming.

Liftomatic is pleased to welcome Ray on board and are confident in his abilities to improve customer development and retention in the years ahead. Welcome to the team, Ray!

Customer Service in a Globalized World

In the modern economy, almost every business has to operate on a global level. Whether you are buying or selling materials, finished products, or services, you need to be aware of the issues present in a global market.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

For industries and businesses where dealing with people from other countries is the norm, it’s important to have multilingual support. This demonstrates that you are committed to international business, and can create happier customers through superior customer service. Having multilingual employees, or encouraging the learning of other languages, can pay off at home and abroad.

Measure Up

Not every country follows the same rules for units of measurements, and many countries follow different sizing schemes. Sometimes it can be as simple as converting metric to imperial units. Some systems can be a bit more difficult to deal with – for instance, clothing and shoe sizing differs from one country to the next, and there is often no rhyme or reason as to converting from one system to another. If your products will be exported or used by customers who are familiar with a different system, make sure there’s an easy to follow conversion chart.

Helping Your Workers and Customers

Stay up to date on global news matters – Demonstrating that you are keeping an eye out for things that may affect travel or business conduct and alerting your customers and employees immediately allows for alternate plans to be made. Also stay abreast of compliance changes and regulations. Many countries have strict policies regarding business practices, human resources, and import and export regulations. Make sure you know about changes that may impact your customers.

A poor experience can deter a customer from doing further business with you, or from operating in different countries at all. Knowing all of this can improve experiences, and lead to smoother business interactions across borders. Here at Liftomatic Material Handling, we are committed to providing the best experience possible for our drum handling customers, whether you are a business based on the other side of town, or on the other side of the world.