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Upgrades and Changes at Liftomatic to Better Serve Our Customers

We couldn’t be more excited about 2015! We’re excited for a number of new changes here at Liftomatic, allowing us to better serve our clients. Since we began almost 70 years ago, our clients have allowed us to be successful and have helped us in so many ways. For example, in past years, we’ve made changes because of client participation and suggestions. Furthermore, we’ve been working with some our clients for decades, enabling us to find markets that outpaced original expectations and allowed for cost savings and project management opportunities that never would have been possible otherwise.

Our first focus of 2015 is our client relationship management (CRM) software platform. For a number of years, our sales team used an effective, but dated program to manage and track customer relationship. The entire Liftomatic team has spent the better part of the last year working with a Integrated Sales Solutions (ISSI) in Libertyville, Illinois to beta-test, install, validate and data-port the new technology We’re happy to be able to begin using this customized CRM software software platform that will allow us to better serve our growing and diverse customer base.

One of the main focuses of this CRM software was the design and overal user-interface. For example, some of our research indicated that many of our clients are on the go early in the morning, taking care of office duties and administrative requirements before heading out into field operations.   Due to this, we designed time-sensitive alerts into the new system,  allowing for better staffing at certain times and in the right places. All of this will allow us to be fully ready to help customers quickly and when it is most convenient to their individual schedules.

Our new CRM software also allows us to easily correspond via emails/notes. For example:

Step1- Write Email Click Send SLX- Click the “Send SLX” (circled in blue) and it will attach the email as a note to the account with that specific email.
Step 2- Notes in SLX- This is showing the end result of sending the email through SLX. Please note that the subject line for the email will show up as the description in SLX.

Lifto CRM Step 2- Notes in SLX 1.13.2014 Lifto CRM Step1- Write Email Click Send SLX 1.13.2015

The number one focus for us is you, the client. The efficiency of our contacts with you is what helps make you profitable.  We believe that quality products, parts, service, and information should be delivered correctly and efficiently to you, the customer.

Be sure to watch throughout the year as we unfold what we hope will be the benchmark of CRM software platforms for years to come. We want you to know that we are here, working to make you better and to earn your trust as the very best vendor in the drum handling industry.  Thanks for your business as always.

-The Staff at Liftomatic

Liftomatic CRM Software

Our Annual “State of the Industry” Address

Don’t get too riled up there, folks. We’ll save the hours-long “State of the Nation” speeches for the likes of C-SPAN. What we want to report to you is short and sweet: the materials handling industry is back at it and booming again.

Recently, the Material Handling Industry of America issued a report that does us all quite proud. The forecast predicts new shipping orders to grow in the United States by approximately 6% this new business year. To top it all off, another robust year for our industry is likewise predicted for 2014. Ladies and gentlemen, the state of our industry is strong!

There are a lot of sectors of our economy that deserve to be thanked for our own steady recovery from the depths of the “Great Recession.” Herein we name just a couple of the favorable economic factors that account – in part – for our success: first off, there’s the whole American Manufacturing Renaissance that’s taken off. With labor costs rising in China and other parts of the world, American and other multinational companies have seen the wisdom in re-shoring manufacturing jobs to America’s heartland, particularly in the Midwest and Southern United States. After all, if Apple, Inc. can bring back manufacturing jobs to the United States, so can others. Likewise, the rebirth of the American auto industry is contributing to material handling’s steady rise: US auto sales rose by 12% this past year, and a remarkable 21% for the once-beleaguered Chrysler. In addition, a suddenly resilient housing market is helping materials handling companies in a way that hasn’t been seen since 2007.

When goods get going, money starts flowing. It doesn’t take a Nobel Economist or a Congressman to tell you that much. We here at Liftomatic are doing our part in keeping America’s economy strong: it’s all we can do, and we promise to keep on doing. Contact us today to let us know how we can best help rev up your supply chain.