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Giving Thanks and Looking Forward to the New Year!

At Liftomatic, we’re already preparing for the New Year. However, it’s worth remembering that many year-end chores remain to be done.  We’re working on budgetary requirements for ordering new equipment before year end and also making sure that invoicing is done.  We’re quite familiar with our many great customers who also have these requirements and our goal is to see that your year to year transition is smooth and effective. In order to do this, we work with a variety of people, products, and businesses.

First, we work closely with our production and inventory managers to see that the right mix of products, PM kits, maintenance items, and capital equipment is available to service just about any last minute requirement that our customers may have.

We also staff accordingly during the last month of the year to ensure coverage for you- the customer, so that when you call, email, tweet, fax or contact us through Facebook messenger- we’re here and able to get you what you need. Our staff is here to answer any question or help with any issue that may arise during this hectic time of year.

Although we’re extremely focused on our customers and our work, we’re always in a giving spirit as well!  Sometimes, particular models are available in higher inventory levels and we’d like to shed a few pounds before the holiday feasts begin!  Ask us about special pricing and special offers on year-end close-outs or heavy stock items.  Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction in every possible instance.

With the end of 2014, we’re pleased to say that our customers and everyone that we’ve worked with have allowed us to serve the drum handling market for 67 years.  As we enter our 68th, you have given us renewed energy to bring even better and more efficient customer service, even higher quality products and technology innovations that will keep your operations the most profitable and productive in your field.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your drum handling requirements.  We’ll continue to work hard to earn your trust and respect.

Happy & Safe Holidays to all.

-The Staff at Liftomatic

Productivity Demands in the Process & Blending Industries

Oil prices have been dropping more than 20 percent from the levels observed only a few months previously to this article’s writing. Consequently, gasoline prices have also been heading down and for many an average citizen it has been a nice bit of savings at the pump.

However, the big question for those in the business of processing is this: What do lower prices at the pump mean for companies such as Liftomatic, a premier custom manufacturer of material handling equipment for drum & barrel applications?

Deflationary pressures, especially in regards to oil prices, can have a serious impact on the economy on companies providing support to petroleum extraction and production companies. The essential reason for this is that when oil prices are up, extractors and producers have lots of capital for expansion and new projects requiring substantial infusions of capital. As prices drop, support firms can begin to feel the pinch on necessary product purchases that often have thin margins.

In this time of deflationary pressure, Liftomatic steps up and faces the conditions head on by assisting customers in taking advantage of product purchases while they can enjoy a more substantial return on their investments. As Liftomatic services and products can help meet the needs of those wishing to improve productivity and thereby also help with the bottom line, it makes perfect sense to act now and buy. Also, considering the additional measures of safety that Liftomatic’s equipment brings to the table now is the time to act during temporary pricing downturns.

Liftomatic stands steadfastly behind the motto that “quality will be remembered long after the price is forgotten.” Furthermore, our customers will not only pay less now but enjoy greater profits in the future due to increased efficiencies, safety, and overall quality of Liftomatic Drum & Barrel Handling Applications.

Start the cycle of savings immediately by giving us a call today to discuss your current situation and requirements and the benefits of doing business with one of the industry’s premier processing companies.

Go Ahead…. Take it for a spin!

Liftomatic has long believed that the Parrot-Beak® drum handling products will truly and dramatically improve a customer’s drum-handling abilities. Our sales team has it easy, because we’re selling a product that works time and again, and we have the repeat business to back it up. However, that old saying “if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t” has a way of making people wary when the pitch seems to be so positive. Fortunately, there’s a great way to overcome these reservations: the industry-leading Liftomatic trial policy.

Separate from our rental program, which allows customers to rent products on a weekly basis for short term drum handling needs, the trial program is free. This is only possible because we believe in our products – and know that once your team has had a chance to work with Liftomatic equipment for ten days without the pressure of a sales team’s presence, it will fit so naturally, and improve the way you move drums to such a great extent that you’ll never want to give it back – though of course, that option is there.

It’s always a proud moment when a prospect who has opted to take advantage of the trial program ends up buying the unit they’ve received and becomes a customer– it affirms our belief in Liftomatic products, and the validity of our claims to provide marked improvement for your drum handling operations. We know it’s not every company that can truly see such measurable results from their business, and consider ourselves fortunate that we have the regular opportunity to hear how well the products work for your organization.

So to those skeptics who tend to ascribe to the “too good to be true” mentality, we say, “once you try it, we bet you’ll want to buy it!” Be sure to contact us today to talk about how Liftomatic can help your business, and stay tuned for our upcoming blog series where we’ll dig deeper into the specifics of the ROI you’ll get with Liftomatic!

Staying Safe with Liftomatic

Our business was built on the idea that there was a better and safer way to transport a drum than using a two-wheel box truck.  The fact that our business is still flourishing is a testament to the fact that we’ve maintained the company founders’ original attitudes of innovation and our commitment to providing ways for safer and more effective materials handling.

June is National Safety Month, and since Liftomatic was born out of a desire for safety, we thought we’d highlight our continued efforts toward its promotion here.  One of our mottos has long been “you can’t afford to drop a drum”.  Now, you might think that this idea refers to the value of the contents in the drum – this is true, but another reason this saying rings true is because of the safety concerns involved.  If an operator gets injured while trying to move a drum (or several), and is ill-equipped, that’s a cost that goes above monetary measure.  Likewise, if a drum contains any kind of hazardous material, the consequences of contamination are dangerous, expensive, and undesirable – but they are avoidable.  Another phrase we like to throw around here is “Safety is no accident” – being prepared to move your materials the right way to avoid the aforementioned problems is a kind of insurance you don’t want to go without.

At Liftomatic, we want to make sure you have a safe June, but also a safe year, and a safe future in the business of materials handling.  We’ll be here making sure you have what you need to move your drums and barrels safely and efficiently – make sure to give us a call, email, tweet, or something else to see which solutions might work best for your business.