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Pharmaceuticals Industry

At Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc., we offer equipment specifically built to manage the entirety of the pharmaceutical industry’s drum handling tasks, including those that take place in an ultra-clean environment. Featuring exceptional quality and impressive performance, our equipment is engineered to lift, transport, dump, and maneuver drums safely and reliably in all areas of your plant. Our product line incorporates forklift mounted drum handlers, hoist/crane attachments, drum dumpers, and portable equipment designed to handle steel, fiber, and plastic drums.

From incoming goods in your receiving area to the laboratory, blending area, and production department, we provide solutions to simplify and expedite the smooth flow of product. We manufacture sanitary stainless steel equipment that allows you to lift and accurately measure the weight of each drum as it flows into your production area. Along with drum dumpers that enable controlled pouring, measuring, and dispensing of drum contents, we offer both automatic and manual solutions that facilitate palletizing, storage, and shipping. All of our stainless steel drum handling equipment features robust construction and smooth surfaces that withstand repeated cleaning and disinfecting to comply with stringent sanitary standards.

We invite you to test drive our drum and barrel handling equipment to evaluate how it performs in your manufacturing area, testing and research laboratory, and in your shipping and distribution department under real-world conditions. Our on-site demonstration program provides direct evidence of how our solutions streamline your operations and solve all of your drum handling problems. Contact us directly to learn more about our equipment and arrange a trial run at your facility.

Pharmaceuticals Industry Specifications

General Capabilities
Production equipment for handling all steel, fiber and plastic drums. Custom Manufacturing by Quote
Laboratories, production departments, blending areas, batch work, storage, shipping and receiving applications.
Products Sold
Forklift Mounted Drum Handlers
Portable Drum Handling Equipment
Drum weighing equipment
Drum Dumping Equipment
Specialized Services
On-site evaluation of drum handling requirements, ROI analysis, product demonstrations and trial policies.
Other Industries Served
Chemical and Petroleum production
Water treatment facilities
Auto and truck manufacturing
Printing, paper and ink industry
Steel stamping and parts manufacturing
Cement and concrete industry
Plastics and related packaging
Port authorities and government agencies
Lead Time
Less than 1 Week (Capital Equipment)
Quoted Job by Job Basis
Less than 24 hours on any parts or service
Areas Covered
Industry Standards /Certification/Compliancy
NACD (National Association Chemical Distributors)
MHI (Member Company)
Industrial Truck Association